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K-LUG - Rochester, MN Area Linux Users Group

Note: To request a wiki account, please join the mailing list and post a message.

We can use presentations for upcoming meetings, please see a list of ideas if you're willing but lacking a topic.

LUG News

We generally meet monthly for technical presentations (2nd Thursday of the month, 6 pm, RCTC), and monthly for socializing (varies). We no longer meet monthly for lunches, if you are interested in reviving this tradition please contact an officer.

Outside Social: Saturday February 24th

It's supposed to be dry all week, there's no snow to fight with, the disc golf holes are present, and Saturday's forecast is for sunshine and a high of 46. So let's play disc golf!

Meet outside the RCTC field house, 2 pm. Here is a map.

Virtual Technical Meeting: Thursday March 14th

Acu Dorin will present on opensource AI software and an effort he and some other folks have made to create a private version of a chatGPT like AI interface

6 pm

Meeting link here later.

Anything else you want to see on the agenda? Let us know.

Pending potential presentations

Jon Gullixson: gnucash or www :: Mechanize

Socials brainstorming: Fall or winter

-Murder mystery. The host needs to buy a kit at a gaming store to get the event started.

-Jim Henderson, "Silicon Valley" documentary

-Bowlocity laser tag. 5-6 people minimum needed.

-Liquid nitrogen ice cream. This needs a non-Tina organizer. Dennis DeLorme has 2 recipes. We need safety equipment and someone trained enough to keep us from freezing ourselves.

Old News Items

See the OldNews page.

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