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This page is meant as free advertising for K-LUG folks who want to sell/trade computers and gadgets. It also serves as a preview to the K-LUG / PCIG Swap Sale, held annually in the 2nd week of Nov. List Items for Sale or Wanted
Date Posted Sell or Wanted Item(s) Description Contact
28 Dec 2005 Sell I have a HP Pavilion 510c /w Windows XP Home. Specs: P4 Celeron 1.3 System, 256 megs of RAM, 40 Gig, Floppy, CD-RW, Front USB, Onboard Audio/Video/LAN, Modem. Make a reasonable offer.Only home until the 16th of Jan, would like to sell before then. - Tim
X Sell IBM P200 CRT monitor 6555-773, refurb, great shape, will do 1600x1280 @ 75hz (or at least it did the last time I had it connected to anything.) Price: Make an offer.
X Wanted Pentium or PentiumII laptop. 100-200MHz cpu, 32MB-64MB memory. Doesn't need to have a working display, as long as the system works. Rudi Chiarito
X Sell (Free) BP6 motherboard, dual Celeron ~300 MHz CPUs w/ water jackets. neffk zat ieee fdot org
26Feb2008 Sell (2) 18" SATA II cables, 3Gb, clear silver, latch, 180 degree to 90 degree. (1) 15 pin SATA power Y cable Tina Wood

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