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When do you meet?

Technical meetings are once a month, during the second week of the month. As of August 2008 we are no longer on a rotating Tuesday/Thursday schedule, we're trying consistent second Thursdays. Meetings start at 6:00 PM. We often share space and speakers with PCIG.

Check the Main or Social pages for additional social meeting announcements.

We also meet for lunch on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Apache Mall food court at 11:30 AM, sort of near the Barnes&Noble. Look for the geeks. For those coming from IBM, there are some people who carpool. For those coming from downtown, you can take the bus (route 7A, departing downtown at 11:12 am) or it's a 30 minute walk (plan to depart the SE corner of the courtyard between the Harwick and Medical Sciences building at 11 am) in decent weather.

Where do you meet?

At the University Center Rochester Heinz Center in room HA107. Need directions?. This map may help you find the specific room.

What do I need?

An interest in Linux...that's it. We've got everyone from newbies to experts here so don't feel bad if you don't know a thing about Linux...that's what we're here for. To actually play with Linux you'll need at least a pentium (technically a 386 would work, but nobody has those kind of patience :), preferrably with a CD-ROM drive. We've got CDs and burners if you'd like your own copy too.

How do I get started?

Just attend one of our meetings or jump on the mailing list.

Meeting minutes

Occasionally we take Meeting Minutes

Potential topics

This is a list of topics that people are willing to present on if there is sufficient interest.

Presenter Topic Date Interested Parties
Michael Bleimeyer aircrack-ng/kismet demonstration April 2009
Mo Holaha Processing programming language, image processing March 2009
Club combined effort Keyboard Light Hack project, similar to this Apr 2009 Phil Vitale, Tim Massaro,
Dennis DeLorme Arduino opensource software/hardware prototyping system Feb 2009 Ren Tescher, Tim Massaro,
Steve Fox PHP/MySQL programming Any Carter Lekatz, Tim Massaro, Tina Wood, Steve Severson, Brent Vrieze
Kevin Arhelger XEN/vmware virtualization Any Tina Wood, Tim M, Chris Abbey, Bob Nix, Steve Fox, Steve Severson, Brent Vrieze
Bill Marshall Samba ?? Tina Wood, Tim M, Chris Abbey, Steve Severson, Brent Vrieze
Kevin Neff USB Hardware project ?? Steve Fox, Tina Wood, Tim Massaro, Jim Evans, Brent Vrieze
Jose de Leon One Laptop Per Child This was held April 08 Tina Wood, Steve Fox, Steve Severson
Robert Nix Cloning Linux images on the mainframe Held February 2008 Tina Wood
Brent Vrieze Asterisk PBX (phone system) This was held October 2008

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Requested topics list

Can't think of something you want to present, and looking for ideas? Look no further. Got a topic you wish someone else would present on? Post it here.

-comparison of different CAD software packages

-open source video editing applications

- puppy Linux, how to update/burn Gene Olson

-Tomato Firmware for Linksys router Saw a podcast on Tomato, a replacement firmware for Linsys WRT54G/GLGS, WHR-G54S/WHR-HP-G4 router. Has some neat features, thinking about upgrading, that might be a good session/presentation??? - Massaro


-Open source applications in Education - anyone have experience with any applications such as Moodle, Sakai, LTSP? What others are there?


-copying your own DVD's to your own computer for personal use

-wireless access - Are others using your wireless connection, what have they done? How can you help protect yourself?

-remote access - Security for a machine you intend to leave online as a remote accessed server for yourself as well as family/friends. Including specifically alerts and monitoring of who is logged in remotely. Are others logged into your system? Have others logged in as you? Have you been rooted? What did any of these people do? How can you help protect yourself?

-Klug photo album - Do we want one? Who would be willing to put it together? Could we put it on a wiki page that's only accessible to a restricted list, such as those already signed up to the mailing list? Are we photogenic enough to be willing to have our mugs posted?

-virtual meetings - 1. Would anyone on our mailing list take advantage of meetings if they were virtual i.e. webcasts or whatever? At least with Audio and Slides available. 2. Regardless of the answer to 1, it would be a cool meeting topic if someone could demo Asterisk, an opensource PBX system, with Voip capability...perhaps way more function than we need for "virtual meetings", but it could be used to allow all k-lug users to listen in on our meetings...then we could combine that with a tool like VNCserver to show slides and on-screen demos. This is a Linux friendly solution that may allow more people to participate in our meetings. What do people think? Perhaps there are better or simpler solutions to this problem?.

-VMWare player and server are now free, we could demo this to allow windows users to dabble in the linux world more easily

-Xen or KVM, I keep hearing about them but haven't used or seen em...why would I pick something over VMWare?

-Linux on a USB Key, how can I easily configure the contents I want on the key, including wireless without having to create a dual boot environment on my Pc.

-Apache for personal use (photo albums, maybe a wiki, music, etc)


-Thinclients and connecting them to a main home server

-Construct a set of slides and presentation material to conduct a Community Ed class, with the goal of making it easy for the presenter so that the "duty" of holding the class could be circulated among the K-Lug'ers willing to do it. If you had to do it once a year instead of four times, it might be easier to keep a class like that going. Live Knoppix CDs are an issue at the Community Education building, the PCs there would not boot from CD, so you'd need a floppy disk boot manager to get the CDs in play. The goal, especially for the Linux class, is to allow everyone to walk away at the end of the evening with a live-CD in hand. Volunteers for teaching once presentation is written: Steve Schaper

-Voting and vote tracking

-Now that new cars don't come with cassette players, it becomes necessary to put those books on tape or music on tape on a more useful format for travelling. How to do this using cheap/free/already owned software and hardware. Could expand the topic to rescuing your any favorite out-dated audio material (record, 8-track, etc).

-aapml application mark up...what is it/how is it used. Is it going anywhere.

-Repairing/rebuilding a hacked machine

-Some workgroup like sessions to configure, build and install USB Drive distributions. Maybe several evenings in a row so one missed could be attended or used for catch up.

-More Home Automation related stuff if anyone has information to share.

-A clean way to make copies of purchased DVD movies for viewing off a laptop hard drive.

-Home Document Management (OpenDocMan project) scanning, indexing and managing important documents.

-Introduction to Onion Routing, building and using Tor for fun and profit!

-Using the ports system under (Free|Open|Net)BSD

-LDAP Authentication and user management

-Offsite backups

-Raspberry Pi / Beagleboard Beaglebone Black / uDoo - comparison and demonstration

-Raspberry Pi Day - Everyone bring in their Raspberry Pi; provide assistance in set-up and use

Information on the next social meeting

See the SocialMeeting page