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Technical Meeting: Thursday January 9th, 2020

Dennis DeLorme, on monitoring current and voltage in his river project.


As some of you know I have working with my brother on his river water quality monitor project. He is the director of the Prairie Waters Education and Research Center near Valley City North Dakota (http://www.vcsu.edu/prairiewaters/). One of their programs is River Watch (http://www.vcsu.edu/prairiewaters/river-watch) where high school students monitor a river in their area.

The monitor system is a solar powered data logger recording timestamp, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.

Last fall I sent out a message asking what parts of the project people were interested in. I got 2 responses one asking how we picked components and one asking about solar power.

To cover these, the presentation will describe the history and evolution of the project over the last couple of years. It will be at a high to medium level. (I already covered specifics of the Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces in previous talks.)

I will also go through some of the problems and data that was collected last fall. Finally I'll demo the current WiFi interface using the actual hardware.


6 pm, in or near RCTC Heintz Center's H1411 (note: For those of you that have been coming for a long time, we are still in the same place, the rooms in the Heintz Center were renumbered. Prior to March 2019 this room had been known as HA108. If anyone finds updated maps, please let us know.)

Also, annual KLUG officer elections, and PCIG officer nominations.

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Heintz Center Building Map

Anything else you want to see on the agenda? Let Tina know.

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