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Technical Meeting: Tuesday December 12th, 2006

The December "technical" meeting (ie gaming) will be held at the standard day and time, Tuesday December 12th, 6 pm. Since things just don't seem to be panning out for gaming at Cinemagic or Chateau (more details will remain below), we're going with the old standby of Lounge51 (formerly Xgames).

Location: Lounge51, 115 North Broadway, this is next door to the Senior Center and just south of the railroad tracks. This is NOT the old Xgames location.

When: Tuesday December 12th, 6 pm. However they open at 10 am, so you're welcome to start earlier. Also, while Lounge51's posted closing time is 9 pm, if three or more people want to keep playing and they're paying hourly rates, Lounge51 stay open later.

Cost: $5/hour if a non-member. Other options are memberships or day passes. Snacking options: Pop, sugar, snack foods, basically anything that doesn't actually require a food license for them to sell.

Games available (and # of simultaneous players allowed): They have 24 computers. See http://lounge51.com/content/Games.aspx for a 6-12 month old list of games. Many more are now available. As far as licensing, that varies. Some games are available on every computer at once, and for those it's not available all at once it sounds like things are at least improved over Xgames' limitations. Examples I was given on the phone were:

-Age of Empires (version not specified), all machines

-Battlefield 2 - 10

-Counter Strike 1.6 - 6

-Counter Strike Source - 12

-Warcraft III - all machines

If there is a particular game you want to know about, I can call to ask. If there's a lot of interest in a particular game they don't currently have enough licenses for AND you are willing to pre-pay, they'd look into getting additional licenses for us. Besides computer games, they also have a big screen tv, with an Xbox, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, DDR pad, Guitar Hero, and lots of games to go with them.

I did try to look into other options. For future reference, I dug up the following information on several possibilities:

-computer gaming at Lounge 51 (formerly Xgames) with a charge per hour. Open to the public.

-Xbox gaming at Cinemagic, $6/half hour/person. At most 4 play at a time, and it sounds like only 1 room would be available. Open to the public.

-Xbox gaming at Chateau late at night with a per person charge ($25, but good for 6 months and includes other goodies) and at most 4 play at a time per room but multiple rooms would be available. Open to the public. Friday and Saturday nights, 9-11 pm on whiteboards, then 11 pm - 3 am in the theaters.

-Xbox gaming at Chateau with a room reservation fee ($35) with at most 4 play at a time

-free board and collectable card games at Chateau. Open to the public. Fridays starting at 8 pm.

All of these things except the one where we have to commit to paying a room reservation fee are things that are open to the public.

Social: Monday November 27th, 2006

Outside trail walking. Meet at Panera South by 6:30 pm, dress warm, prepare to walk ~1 hour 20 minutes with socializing and warming beverages at Panera afterwards. Don't be late or you won't catch up with us.

Lunch Meeting: Thursday November 16th, 2006

11:30 am near the Chinese restaurant in the Galleria. Discussion about December gaming options or desired social activities would be appreciated.

Technical Meeting: Swap Sale Thursday November 9th, 2006

Swap meet!! Buy/Sell/Trade - at this annual event, even the general public can bring computer / gadget related gear to sell or trade, or just come to browse for the bargins. Set-up will be at 6 pm, with an estimated swap start time of 6:15 pm. We also plan to have a truck available to recycle old equipment at a price of $0.35 a pound When: Thurs, Nov 9th 6pm Where: University Center Rochester Heintz Center in room HA108. Set-up will be at 6 pm, with an estimated swap start time of 6:15 pm. Location: RCTC room HA108 Attendance will include be members of PCIG, IBM Ham Radio Club, students from RCTC, and the general public.

K-LUG Club members, we NEED YOUR HELP! How?

-Bring your stuff to sell/swap.

-Print and Show this Sale Flyer to friends

-Bring your computer stuff that needs to go to the recycling ($0.35/pound).

-Bring a bathroom scale that's accurate at low weight ranges, so we can figure out the appropriate recycling fee to charge.

-Bring your truck and be willing to take a load to the recycling during the recycling center's open hours (Mondays-Saturdays, 8-5). (Pat S. and Tim M.)

-Coordinate the pizza fundraiser, buy pizza and pop plus bring paper plates and disposable cups in quantities sufficient for those who show up. Will be reimbursed out of the profits from the fundraiser (charge is a donation). (Steve F. and Steve S.)

-Making some Ubuntu CDs to give away. (Dave Berg)


Volunteers are needed to post to many locations. Please sign up to be the poster for the following (suggestions welcome):

-KLUG mailing list and wiki - Tina W.

-IBM calendar - Tim M.

-PCIG website - Tim M.

-Ham radio club - Tim M.

-Mayo classifieds - Pat S.

-Craigslist - Tim M.

-Rochester Freecycle (limited to free pick-up of non-swapped items headed for recycling at the end of the swap) - Steve F.

-UCR bulletin boards - in hard copy - Ren T.

-RCTC bulletin boards - in hard copy - Tim M. (I've made up something already, go here and print)

-Wherever else you can think of

Please RSVP for what tasks you can help with. If I haven't heard from anyone on a task, I'll have to start pestering people. This has got to be a group effort to be successful.

Mister House 2nd Opportunity: Monday October 30th

A second opportunity for you to see the Mister House presentation! 7 pm, directions are here.

Name # of attendees
Robert Bleimeyer 3
José de Leon 1
Mark Diez 1
Bill Marshall 1
Joe Sedelmeyer 1
Mike Fallenstein 2

Social: Thursday October 26th, 2006

5:30 pm Frisbee golf at East Park. Weather-related cancellation will be announced around noon to email list and wiki if necessary.

6:30 pm Warming beverages and/or dinner at Whistle Binkies. You do not have to play frisbee golf to attend this portion, just meet us there. This will occur whether or not we have to cancel frisbee golf.

Lunch Meeting: Thursday October 19th, 2006

Come one, come all, at 11:30 am to the vicinity of the Chinese resturant in the Galleria food court.

Technical Meeting: Tuesday October 10th, 2006

Mister House - Home automation - road trip to a Rochester home being controlled by computers. We're limited to ~25 participants. If there are closer to 50, we might be able to split and have a second session. Please sign up, in order, below or email Tina to get added. Indicate if you could only attend if it were not the original October 10th date, you'd be at the head of the list if we had a second date. Some details on Mr House: http://misterhouse.sourceforge.net/

Directions and map to Mister House can be found here.

Technical Meeting: Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Open source in Croatia, Croatian government. Guest speaker Vlatko Kosturjak, from Croatia, temporarily in the US. Room will be HA108, our new "permanent" location.

Wink has been postponed. Wink software used for making demos of new products. Records screen sessions and audio.

CANCELLED Social: Saturday September 9th, 2006 CANCELLED

Flatwater canoe trip down the Root River. See the SocialMeeting page. Please sign up by noon on Thursday.

Social: Wednesday August 23rd, 2006

Frisbee golf, 6:30 pm, East Park. Bring friends, bring frisbees.

Lunch: August 17th, 2006

11:30 am at the Galleria, near the Chinese restaurant.

Technical Meeting: Tuesday August 8th, 2006

We currently have no meeting topic. You can come to RCTC's HA104, find a janitor to open the room, and discuss whatever geeky topic crosses your mind. Or you can go to X-Games, although so far nobody has RSVP'd that they're going to be there. And/or, if you have IBM campus privledges, you can attend PCIG's presentation on VMware on Thursday August 10th.

Social: Thursday July 27, 2006

Join us for a round of shoe throwing at East Park, 6:30 pm. If people have better equipment to bring/share, we can hopefully upgrade from shoes to golf disks (if you missed the last social and are confused, we're playing frisbee golf). Lightening or hail, stay home. Otherwise we play rain or shine.

Lunch: July 20, 2006

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant. We will be inviting the Mayo open-source-discussion email list participants to attend as well.

Technical Meeting: Thursday July 13, 2006 **Note location change**

Ruby on Rails by Jose de Leon. Ruby is an open source scripting language and Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that makes developing web applications easy. Jose will demo an application he has written in Ruby on Rails and will discuss the International Rails Conference (http://railsconf.org/) he recently attended. This is a joint meeting with PCIG. Construction continues in the computer lab wing, so this meeting will occur in HA104.

Gimp Challenge I: due date: July 8

Now that we all are skilled in the art of "The Gimp", Chris, Kevin and I thought we should have some fun with it. The challenge is to pick your favorite two hated (or loved?) celebrites and Gimp together an image depicting a Celebrity Boxing style match. Who will it be? Gates vs Linus, Bush vs Clinton, Steve Fox vs The Gimp Circle Method? Start with one of the images suggested on the GimpChallenge Page or find/create your own. Images should be posted in gimp format (so we can see your tricks and techniques) and png format (cause we are lazy). Images are due July 8th so judging can occur prior to our meeting July 13th.

If you need an account to the wiki so you can post your picture, please send an email to the list. Include the user name you wish to have.

Lunch: June 15, 2006

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant.

Technical Meeting: Tuesday June 13, 2006 **Note location change**

Baring snowstorms or any other emergencies, Robert Nix will present on The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP). There is summer construction in the computer lab wing, so this meeting will occur in HA104.

Social: Tuesday June 6, 2006

Ice cream social to be held in a park near Steve Fox's, 7 pm. For more details and to sign up for the ice cream related item you'll bring, see the SocialMeeting page.

Lunch: May 18, 2006

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant. Look for geeks.

Technical Meeting: Thursday May 11, 2006

Chris Abbey will present on SSH.

Lunch: April 20, 2006

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant.

Technical Meeting: Tuesday April 11, 2006

Dennis DeLoreme on his !Supercomputer Cluster.

Lunch: March 16, 2006

Lunch, 11:30 in the Galleria food court, next to the Chinese restaurant.