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K-LUG - Rochester, MN Area Linux Users Group

Note: To request a wiki account, please join the mailing list and post a message.

We can use presentations for upcoming meetings, please see a list of ideas if you're willing but lacking a topic.

LUG News

Lunch: Thursday September 18th

Note location change
11:30 am, Buffalo Wild Wings
At the September technical meeting the desire to vary our lunch location was again expressed. To that end, we will road trip this month to a destination that is friendly for a variable number of attendees. Because there are not a wide variety of selections (ie a food court), we're not considering this for a full time destination change. For those coming from downtown, it is on the bus route. The 12D departs downtown at 11:15 and arrives at Walmart North at 11:35 am. Or if you're running late, the 12D also leaves downtown at 11:35, arriving at 11:55. Returning to downtown can be accomplished on the 12:20 (12:45) or 12:40 (1:00 pm) buses. Not being familiar with the layout of BWW or where the IBM crew usually sits, if anyone wants to attend who is not familiar with our members by face, please speak up and we'll try to make ourselves easier to spot.

Planned Social: September TBD

Ideas can be found here or invent your own. What would you like to do? Tell Tina.

Planned Technical Meeting: Thursday October 9th

Note switch to regular 2nd Thursday nights

Brent Vrieze on the Asterisk phone system. Bring a laptop if you want to connect with a softphone to the Asterisk server.

The usual place and time: RCTC's Heintz Center , Room HA107 , 6 pm.

Planned Annual Swap/Sale: Thursday November 13th

Set up at 6 pm
Sale/swap starts at 7 pm
Location TBD
We will need volunteers for many jobs, including advertising, putting up signs, helping others carry in their goods, obtaining food and beverages, running the recycling station, bringing the recycling goods to the Olmsted County Recycling Center, and of course everyone should bring their stuff to sell/swap.

Planned December "Technical Meeting" aka game night: Thursday December 11th

Our annual December gaming night in/out. Probably will occur at p0wned. More details later.

Planned Technical Meeting: Thursday January 8th

Speaker needed. Volunteers?

Old News Items

See the OldNews page.