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K-LUG and The Deconstruction 2013

During the weekend of February 22nd from 7pm Friday till 7pm Sunday, several K-LUG members participated in The Deconstruction 2013, a 48 hour Maker/Hacker challenge...from their website:

"The Deconstruction is about re-thinking the world as we know it, taking it apart, making a few adjustments, then putting it back together a little awesomer-er. It’s a light-hearted competition/ game, but it’s really more of a large-scale collaboration between friends, teams, and the public. The concept is to make the world a slightly better, more fun, and more interesting place over 48 hours. The event is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age and skill level."

Our team created three projects

  • a Japanese Style Tea Lantern, a lovely wood and paper solar lantern made from the remnants of 3 corroded and broken garden lights.
  • a PVC Bike Trailer, Using some left over PVC and 2 donated bike wheels, we made a bike trailer for one of our members who is visually impaired.
  • the Recyclotron Can Crusher - recently a garbage hauler stopped hauling recycling and so one of our members needed a solution to make it easier to recycle his own aluminum. An old garage door opener was donated, we decided to use an Arduino and the garage door sensors to count each can crushed...and made a robot dance and lights flash every time a 12 pack was crushed.

In case you missed it, our competition video (which had to be 5 mins or less) is here:

and bonus can crusher footage (now with even more can crushing action) can be seen here:

Our project was picked from over 60 teams as one of the top 6 faves of Wired.Com magazine...see the whole article here:

We also created an instruct-able of the event and projects

The Deconstruction Team consisted of... Matt Bruzek, Will Schmidt, Pete Shabino, Jon Gulixson, Tim Massaro, Rabbit Hole (maker space who hosted the event for us) members Addie, Whisk0r and Ken (oh and "The Internets" a collection of friends who participated on an IRC channel) Some key parts of the bike trailer and Recyclotron were donated by Ren Tescher

Recyclotron in progress