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Presentations from K-LUG meetings

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LCD initialization and operation (Dennis DeLorme; June 14th, 2005)

Information for our LCD constrution and programming project. LCDPresentation View Online [Download the tarball].

Intro to Linux: Part 1 (Steve Fox; Nov 20, 2003)

Installation, dual-booting, running multiple operating systems simultaneously, and common applications for communicating with others. [PDF].[

Configuring a Stateful Linux Firewall with IPTables/Netfilter (Tony Perrie)

Tony gives an introduction to the new iptables tool which controls the netfilter code in the Linux 2.4 kernels. He also explains his own firewall script. See his website for the script. [View Oneline] [PDF]

The command line is our friend: tar (David Sovinski)

David discusses 'tar' as a backup solution and how to integrate it with the 'find' utility. [View Online]

Installing and using PostgreSQL (Patrick Spinler)

Learn the differences between the most popular Open Source databases, how to install PostgreSQL, and basic administration and access tools. [View Online] or [download the tarball].

Creating the Ultimate Home Firewall and Intrusion Detection under an hour (Derek Hunt)

If you've ever wondered about OpenBSD and/or how to create a secure firewall, this document is for you. download (PDF).

Using a Cryptographic File System (Dean Johnson)

Learn how to use the kernel crypto patches to make an encrypted file system. Find out what the HOWTOs forget to tell you. [View online].

Find is your Friend (Rich Griswold)

Learn to harness the power of find, xargs, sed, and awk. Includes some advanced demonstrations as well. [View online] or [download the tarball].