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Social Meetings

Our next social meeting will be Tuesday June 6th, 7:00 pm, at a park near Steve's house (map at bottom). It will be an ice cream social, so please bring ice cream or some related item (popsicles, toppings, cones, etc). Keep an eye on the list, and if there will just be a few of us it will make more sense to bring a box or two of popsicles than 3 different ice cream flavors or toppings without ice cream. BYOB, spoons, bowls, etc. Please bring serving spoons if your item requires them. Also please bring kites, frisbees, volleyball and net, bean bag toss, friends, family, etc. If it rains, we'll relocate across the street to Steve's garage, as this park has no shelter. Some left over ice cream can be stored in Steve's freezer while we continue to socialize.

Please sign up to indicate you're coming, and what you'll be bringing.

Name, # of attendees, Ice cream bringing, Neat toy bringing

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Tina Wood, 1, vanilla, frisbee and kite

Here's the map. Park-map.PNG