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Sunday March 24th, 2013: Irish Heritage Day and Rube Goldberg device

Celebrating Irish Heritage through potato guns, plus construction (outside) of a messy Rube Goldberg device. Dress warm.

1 pm at Tina's house, directions via email. We need people to bring potatoes for the potato cannon, and a target. For the Rube Goldberg device, we need people to bring ideas of what useless/useful thing we want it to accomplish, plus all sorts of interesting things to incorporate into it. Snack food contributions and lanterns would also be good.

Name # of self/family/friends Idea for RG RG supplies Potato gun supplies Food and drinks
Tina Wood-Wentz 3 Fire the potato gun ?? ?? chips, cake with lemon frosting + vanilla ice cream, hot decaf tea, hot chocolate (no mini-marshmallows), single serving instant packets for coffee
Dennis DeLorme x x x potato gun
Tim Massaro 1 start or finish w Recyclotron yes air powered geocache gadget ala mini potato gun cans of tab & some gummi bears
Your name here x x x x x

Past Social Meetings

Suggestions for future socials

If you like the idea, please let us know!


  • Jon Tolllefson suggested a good idea for a future Klug/Pc club social...he says we should have a klug/pc club social this summer where people bring out their RC planes and helicopters to demo Tim added to that remote control cars/trucks, boats and quad copters....might be limited where we can do it if we actually do planes though but the plane people would know.
  • Sledding (but where? (judd hill and eastwood park are official sites in roch for sledding, stewartville has a sledding hill))
  • Snowshoeing and/or cross country skiing at Quarry Hill. They also rent equipment. (Nerstrand Big Woods state park also has showshoes for rent)
  • Paintball
  • Mini golf
  • Canoe trip (this would have to be at least a half day trip to the Root River)
  • Ice cream social
  • Kite flying and rocket launching (wind will allow for one or the other)
  • Picnic
  • Frisbee golf
  • Walk
  • Roadside or river litter cleanup
  • Geocaching - perhaps we can borrow some devices and have several practice caches set up, or perhaps we can team up to find some more challenging targets. Probably also a multi-hour social.
  • Orienteering event or practice field trip
  • Snow tubing and/or skiing at Steeplechase (No good, Steeplechase is closed for 2007-2009 seasons)
  • WWFM (World Wide Flash Mob), the next one is Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
  • Stone House Stables trail rides (yes, horses), $30 for a ride that's 45-60 minutes


  • Goonies Comedy Club
  • Bowling
  • Whistle Binkies / Westfire / Beetles / Whisky Bones / other locations with adult beverages and now smoke free!
  • pwned game center gaming night (did 12/08) or Area 51 Gaming
  • Movies (upcoming sci fi movie releases include Watchmen, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Star Trek XI, Terminator IV, Transformers II, or whatever you have to suggest)
  • Documentaries: "Revolution OS"
  • Discussion of experience of being an election judge, next time we meet someplace that's not too loud
  • Board and card games. Some members are fans of Robo Rally and Munchkin
  • Ice skating at the Rec Center, skate rentals available
  • RC helicoptor/plane flying at the Rec Center. Tuesday nights, 7-10 pm. Bring your own UFO. Free.
  • Rube Goldberg device, built out of whatever we brought. Include Diet Coke and Mentos?
  • Potato guns!
  • Baking geeky cookies
  • Take an introductory archery session at Archery Headquarters
  • Museum field trip:
    • Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis, Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul
    • Putnam Museum & IMAX Theatre in Davenport IA for the May 23 - Sept. 8, 2009 GPS Adventure exhibit. Details on what the exhibit would be like can be found here
  • Leonardo's Basement has adult projects at Studio Bricolage (Jan topic was build a jacob's ladder and other high voltage projects )
  • Your suggestion here, please (or email Tina)

Volunteer/service opportunities of potential interest to K-LUGgers

There's a lot of important work in this world that wouldn't get done if someone didn't decide to just step forward and do it for the joy of helping out. Here's our place to share such work that may be of interest to K-LUGgers. Please remove your listing after the activity is finished, or it may be removed for you.

Name Brief description Ongoing, annual, single time event Commitment timeframe K-LUGger contact Website
Litter Bit Better Trash cleanup Annual 1-3 hours during Earth Week, mid-April Tina Wood-Wentz LBB in general, 2011 event organized by Tina
Entertainment Software Association grant for technology Partnering with a library in Hobson City MO to bring more computers to their town Single unknown Mark Diez (PCIG) ESA Grant application
Your name here x x x x x