March 2006 Minutes

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The small group of us who attended last night's meeting had interesting discussions on several topics including how often updates are necessary in Linux (in general and compared to Windows), and large film photography. Joe of the PCIG turned out to be a good resource on the later, we were glad he chose to stick around even without a GIMP presentation to take in.

Several items worthy of discussion on the list also were brought up. 1) Some people do not have their KLUG email routed to an account they check on a regular basis, for several possible reasons. This makes it easier, however, to miss important announcements. Would it be of interest to people if we could construct a separate email list that was only for these announcements (meeting and lunch reminders, cancellations)? Then you could subscribe a checked-daily email account to the announcements if you didn't want to be flooded by the rest of the chatter on a regular basis, or you could subscribe the same email address to both if you didn't care. Who out there knows how we would go about this? Is restricted posting access available for this the same way we've got it set up for updating the wiki?

2) As an alternative or in addition to creating a new announcements only email list, would it be appreciated if I sent out reminders 2 days in advance of meetings/lunches? Currently I'm trying to send them out 1 day in advance.

3) Two topics for presentations have been requested, both dealing with security. If you're a security guru, please consider preparing a presentation on:

       -wireless access - are others using your wireless connection, what have they done?  How can you help protect yourself?
       -remote access - security for a machine you intend to leave online as a remote accessed server for yourself as well as family/friends.  Including specifically alerts and monitoring of who is logged in remotely.  Are others logged into your system?  Have others logged in as you?  Have you been rooted?  What did any of these people do?  How can you help protect yourself?

4) We're not sure what O'Reilly books we've been given over the years. Could we please get a list of what's currently available in our library, Mr. Bagman? Also, which one book has had a book report done on it? Would the book reporter be willing to make a presentation based off their book report? We also should have more people do book reports on the books in our library, and they could hopefully also give presentations on the same book while they're at it.

5) Who knows how/where we go about posting files (such as completed presentations) to the website? I'm sure that once the GIMP presentation is finally able to be held there will be desire to have that presentation posted.