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K-LUG - Rochester, MN Area Linux Users Group

Note: To request a wiki account, please join the mailing list and post a message.

We can use presentations for upcoming meetings, please see a list of ideas if you're willing but lacking a topic.

LUG News

We generally meet monthly for technical presentations (2nd Thursday of the month, 6 pm, virtual), and monthly for socializing (varies). We no longer meet monthly for lunches, if you are interested in reviving this tradition please contact an officer.

Virtual Technical Meeting: Thursday March 14th

Speaker cancelled due to illness, will reschedule.

Tim Massaro will come to our rescue, and will present on his Partyrock/Blackrock hackathon project, as well as brainstorming some future socials.

6 pm

Meeting link here.

Anything else you want to see on the agenda? Let us know.

Outside Social: Friday March 22nd, 6 pm

Geocaching! The March equinox is an excuse to find 3 geocaches during the week of the equinox. If you've never geocached before, this is a great time to join us. Wear your hiking shoes, long sturdy pants, and otherwise dress for the weather.

We will chase 3 multi-caches that start to the east and north of St Marys Hospital

If we have any DNF's, first choice replacement will be:

I skimmed through the logs, and none of our regulars seem to have found these, so hopefully everyone will qualify for the achievement.

Parking: There is a limited quantity of 2 hour parking in St. Marys Park proper. However, the neighborhood parking permit restriction opens back up starting at 5:30, so by starting at 6 pm you should be able to park on the street (and not be competing with employees for spots) for the duration of our explorations.

Virtual Technical Meeting: To be rescheduled

Acu Dorin will present on opensource AI software and an effort he and some other folks have made to create a private version of a chatGPT like AI interface

Litter Bit Better in-person social (outside), Tuesday April 30th

6:15 - 7:30 pm

Back to our usual Cascade Lake Park.

Bags provided. You bring your own gloves, grabbers, and sense of civic duty. There is shoreline.

As usual we are teaming up with the geocachers to avoid being overwhelmed by garbage.

Pending potential presentations

Jon Gullixson: gnucash or www :: Mechanize

Socials brainstorming: Fall or winter

-Murder mystery. The host needs to buy a kit at a gaming store to get the event started.

-Jim Henderson, "Silicon Valley" documentary

-Bowlocity laser tag. 5-6 people minimum needed.

-Liquid nitrogen ice cream. This needs a non-Tina organizer. Dennis DeLorme has 2 recipes. We need safety equipment and someone trained enough to keep us from freezing ourselves.

Old News Items

See the OldNews page.

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